Carnival in Grevena 2018

Carnival in Grevena
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Carnival in Grevena

Trekking Portitsa + Rafting Aliakmomas

Rafting Aliakmonas 

Description of the activity:

The name of Aliakmonas comes from the mixing of two words, als (salt, sea) and the name akmon (anvil). According to Greek Mythology Aliakmon was one of the river gods, son of the Ocean and Tethys. This river root is suitable for rafting (going down the river on inflatable boats of special type) throughout the year. The longest in length river of Greece (322 km) is ready to host us for a few (6 km) of his hundred’s kilometers. During this root we will be astonished by the Meteora’s rocks, since geologically the area is similar to the one of Meteora (Rocks composed of psammite, sandstone). The big variety of birds (herons, cormorants, black storks, wild ducks, falcons, eagles etc.) and also mammals (bears, deer, wild pigs etc.) that live in this wild and beautiful at the same time area will make our trip somewhat different from the usual.

Spring, winter with lots of water and impressive waves and summer, fall with less and warmer water (even sometimes under the moon light, Aliakmonas root is something you should enjoy all seasons. 


1 person : 40 €
3 members family : 100 €
4 members family : 110 €
5 members family : 120 €

more informations about the activity Click here - Rafting At Aliakmonas River

* Limited number of participants 2 persons

Trekking in Portitsa 

Spileo village is a historical site, situated in the “balcony” of mountain Orliakas. For its habitants living nature is everyday life, whereas for the visitors an astonishing discovery. Its beauty and the special features of the area have been recognized from the state which declared it and officially as “site of historical importance and particular natural beauty”. From there we start our activity walking in a path that locals used it to have access to the springs of Venetikos river and their fields. Shortly we reach Portitsa valley, and from there the stone bridge is very close. The two giant rocks stand (like other Clashing Rocks) at the entrance of the Portitsa gorge and complete the magnificence of the scenery. Short stop to enjoy the view end return to the village from a stone path.  


1 person : 20 €
3 members family : 50 €
4 members family : 60 €
5 members family : 70 €

more informations about the activity Click here - Trekking in Portitsa

* Limited number of participants 2 persons

Both Activities Special Prices


1 person : 45 €
3 members family : 135 €
4 members family : 160 €
5 members family : 185 €

* Limited number of participants 2 persons

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