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Enjoying Winter
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Enjoying Winter

Enjoying Winter Activities in Greece!

During the winter months, many people prefer to stay indoors, wearing a duvet like a… poncho, watching tv and Netflix, drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea… Well not for you!

Here in Greek Adventure we believe that winter is as much fun as summer and everyone knows how much fun Greek summer is. But Greece has winters too, cold and snowy especially in the regions around Pindos mountain range, like Grevena, Zagorochoria, Plastira lake is some of them.

Rafting, Biking , Archery and hiking are some of activities that you can do easy in winter!

People in the office are here and help to decide what suits you, your family or your friends.

Below you will find top 10 selection of Activities in North Greece in the areas of Zagori, Meteora , Olympus ,Grevena and Florina.

1.Meteora - Hiking in Magnificent Meteora

2.Plastira Lake - Water Bike 

3.Plastira Lake - Electric Bike also you can combine it with archery

4.Grevena - Rafting in Venetikos River combination with Zipline

5.Grevena - Hiking in Portitsa Gorge

6.Prespa Lake - Hiking Around Prespa Lake

7.Zagori - Rafting in Voidomatis River

8.Zagori - Hiking to Zagori traditional villages 

9.Zagori - Mountainbike in Zagori

10.OlympusRafting and Archery in Pineios

Most option you can find in our site www.greekadveture.com or you talk with our activities specialists in the office.

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