Excursion to the wonderful Valia Calda!

Excursion to the wonderful Valia Calda!
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Excursion to the wonderful Valia Calda!

If you desire to escape the city's hustle and routine there is probably no better place to visit in Northern Greece!

If you desire to escape the city's hustle and routine there is probably no better place to visit in Northern Greece! Between the borders of the Prefectures of Grevena and Ioannina, Valia Kalda (the name means "warm valley" in the Vlach dialect) is a difficult-to-access area of ​​Pindos mountains, one of the last habitats of the brown bear, the wolf and the wild goose. Valia Calda (or else the Pindos National Park) is not just another beautiful forest... It is an amazing, lively place, a great ecosystem and actually nothing is allowed up there, except for hiking and collecting magical pictures with your camera. Among others, 72 species of birds, 6 species of amphibians and 7 reptile species have been recorded in the Park, species that are quite rare and are protected around the world.

According to all the historical references and based on the archaeological finds in the area, the wider region has been inhabited from ancient times until today. A tomb that contained a large bronze boiler with vibrant handles as well as other items of the Archaic and Classical times were discovered close to the village of Perivoli. Ruins of an inhabited settlement from the Hellenistic to the Late Roman period were also found between the villages of Vovousa and Perivoli, in an area called "Palaiomonastiro" (old monastery).

The National Park covers an area of about 69,000 acres and includes Valia Calda valley, which is located at an altitude of 1400 meters and is surrounded by the Lygos and Mavrovouni mountains (Flega peak 2,159 meters) up to the summits of Mount Avgo (2,177 meters). Dense forests of pine, fir and beech, hills, rivers and crystal clear streams, ponds and waterfalls, all available to the hiker to enjoy.

The Greek Adventure team has many years of experience with excursions to Valia Calda and knows all the "secrets" of this wonderful landscape! Starting from the village of Perivoli, after an hour of driving with our jeeps, we will reach Stavros, where we will start our hiking. Following the path, we will cross Valia Calda valley and its gorgeous scenery, its dense and rich vegetation, its towering pine trees and the rich fauna. We will come across black, red and whitewood pines and beech clusters. We will meet the amazing Arkoudorema stream, a tributary of Aoos river and will walk along it enjoying the breathtaking landscapes. We will follow the path that will lead us to the waterfalls where, in their whirlwind waters, we will wet and rest our feet before we take our way back.

This daily excursion takes place from May to November, costs 50 euros per participant (with a minimum of 2 participants) and the level of difficulty is low. It is an excursion suitable for children and adults that will revive you and will really fill you with energy and unmatched beautiful images and feelings. An escape worth trying!

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