Conquer Mt. Olympus, Greece - Guaranteed departure dates

Explore Mt. Olympus - Guaranteed departure dates
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Explore Mt. Olympus - Guaranteed departure dates

Discover the home of the ancient Greek gods and stay at the Olympus' mountain huts!

A unique hike at Mt. Olympus and its highest peak Mytikas.  Olympus mountain is known worldwide for being the home of the gods of the Ancient Greek Mythology and undoubtedly one of the most spectacular mountains to explore, due to the nature of its landscapes, the rich flora and its endless views to the Aegean sea and the sandy coastlines, as far as the eye can see.

It is the first official National Park of Greece since 1938 and a World's Biosphere Reserve. Its paths are tied to myths and legends and hiking it is a truly magical experience.

Greek Adventure's Guaranteed Departure Dates

This hiking vacation package is addressed to the real mountain lovers who will enjoy a daily 3-8 hours trekking on the pathways of the mountain and will be accommodated in the mountain refuges.

Spring "climbs"  on the mountains, Mt Olympus - end of May 2019

Litochoro village will be the starting point of our hiking tour to Olympus and it is easy to reach from Thessaloniki or Athens by train or bus.

You can combine this activity with some of our other activities near Mount Olympus, like Canyoning the Orlias or the Calypso GorgesRiver Trekking in Melivoia and Rafting or Canoe in the Pineios river. These last two activities are accompanied by archery next to the river, an amazing experience that will "travel" you back in time, in the ages of Mythology. And if you are looking for a quick escape to the sea before or after climbing the highest mountain of Greece, the Aegean sea is waiting for you to explore and visit the Caves of Venetos and the village of Damouxari where "Mamma Mia" was filmed! 

We also provide trips and activities to nearby destinations like the magnificent Meteora, the traditional villages of Zagori at the Ioannina region and the breath-taking Plastiras lake. And of course, we can arrange all other services for you like transport and accommodation, so you can rest easy and enjoy your holidays in Greece!

Take the first step for a gorgeous trip to Greece by booking an Olympus date now for two, three or four days!

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