What are some of the best daily activities that you can do in Greece?

What are some of the best daily activities that you can do in Greece?
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What are some of the best daily activities that you can do in Greece?

Unique suggestions for fun getaways, suitable for groups of friends and families with children!

We all need an "escape" from our daily routine, our problems, and worries. Can you think of something better than being in Nature and enjoy all it has to offer?

We've put together some ideas for a fun daily excursion to the beauties of Greece: perfect for groups of friends, coworkers, couples, and families with kids. Affordable daily excursions that will rejuvenate you, keep you in touch with nature and fill you with positive energy!


Rafting and zip line at Aliakmonas or Venetikos rivers at Grevena area.

Enjoy an amazing combination of refreshing activities in nature, on the stunning and crystal clear rivers of Grevena!

A unique offer to enjoy two separate activities in one day, on two of Greece's most beautiful rivers. Rafting at Aliakmonas or Venetikos in combination with Flying Fox (Zip Line) over Venetikos.

We will sail in the crystal clear waters of the river, in the beautiful landscape of the area, with the meteoric rocks and the wide variety of birds, and then you will have the opportunity to "fly" over the magnificent Venetikos with zip-line!

The regular price for both activities is 55 euros per person, but you can order them as a package for 45 euros per person! Special rates are provided for families with children.


Excursion to Valia Calda.

The Pindos National Park, also known as Valia Calda, lies on the border between Grevena and Ioannina counties. It includes Valia Calda ("Warm Valley" in Aromanian dialect), Arkoudorema stream as well as the mountains Ligos and Mavrovouni. It is a protected area of ​​exceptional natural beauty, with beautiful streams and rapids, and dense forests.

The Park also has two small mountain streams, the Salatouras, and the Hot Stream, which join the Arkudorema, the tributary of the Aoos River. Every year, thousands of travelers visit the Valia Calda Valley to admire its unique and unforgettable landscapes.

We will visit Valia Calda with our 4x4 jeeps, starting from Perivoli village, and we will tour the beauties of the area until we reach the Stavros point, where we will begin our relaxed hike next to the magnificent Arkoudorema stream. This daily excursion lasts about 5 hours and ends with our return to Perivoli.


Hiking in the astonishing Portitsa Gorge.

Discover an exciting landscape of unique beauty! Portitsa’s unique gorge at the foot of Mount Orliakas, with the traditional stone bridge at its entrance, an ornament of folk art!

Spilaio village is built on the "balcony" of Orliakas. For its inhabitants, contact with nature is a daily occurrence, while for the visitor, it is an exciting revelation. The place has been described as a "landscape of extraordinary natural beauty" because of its unparalleled beauty and peculiarity.

We begin our hike from Spilaio, on a trail that was previously used by locals to access the fountains of the Venetikos River and their cultivated areas. Soon, we reach the Portitsa Valley which leads to a deep canyon. There is the Portitsa Bridge, one of the most beautiful old stone bridges of the area. It was built in 1743 with offers from the local Monastery. Beneath its arch flows the Venetikos river, a tributary of Aliakmonas, the largest river of Greece. Behind the bridge, we will see two huge rocks that add to the wild beauty of the location. We will enjoy the scenery and then return from the cobblestone path to the village square.


Walk to the magnificent Meteora.

Meteora is a cluster of enormous dark sandstone rocks that rise out of Kalambaka, near the first Pindos heights. The monasteries of Meteora, built on the tops of some of the rocks, are today the second most important monastic complex in Greece, after Mount Athos. Of the thirty that have historically existed, only six currently operate, which have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1988.

Our tour will start from the village of Kastraki, which is very close to the rocks of Meteora. We will soon meet the ruins of the old Pantocrator monastery. From there we will walk through the huge rocks of Meteora, crossing the beautiful forest of the area. Immediately afterward we will reach the monastery of the Great Meteor (Metamorphosis), the oldest and largest of all Meteora monasteries.

From the parking lot of the monastery, we will walk on an old path and reach the secluded monastery of Ypapanti, behind the rocks. After a relaxed and easy 2 hour hike, we will return to the village of Kastraki. On our way, we will also stop at some of the places with stunning views of Kalambaka, the Pinios valley and the great Pindos peaks to take unforgettable photos. In total, we will visit the interior of 2 monasteries, depending on the day of our visit.


One day excursion to Zagori.

Our excursion begins at the edge of the village of Vradeto, on a path that we follow until we reach the Beloei area, where the observatory is located, with a breathtaking view of the Vikos Gorge. 

Vradeto is a village of Zagori, built around 1616 AD, and is considered the "balcony" of Zagorochoria because of its high altitude and beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The Vradeto Stairs, this famous stone structure consisting of 1,100 steps and 39 turns, took about 20 years to complete and was built 200 years ago by local craftsmen who used stones from the area. It has 3 lanes, two built with white stones for humans and one with black stones for animals that were abundant in the area until a few decades ago.

After returning to the village, we will begin our hike on the Vradeto Stairs. After our descent, we will reach the two old bridges, called Pera and Dothe (meaning Here and There), built exclusively for this trail. After crossing the two bridges, we will reach the main road. After 400 m we will return to Kapesovo.

The excursion takes place entirely in a beautiful natural landscape, all year-round. You will get a very good taste of the magic of Zagori!


Hiking in Mount Olympus, the mountain of the gods.

Our route: Prionia - Agios Dionysios Old Monastery - Sacred Cave - Mills - Litochoro.

Explore with us the magnificent beauties of the highest mountain of our country, on a unique excursion that will fill you with positive energy and rejuvenate you!

We will meet in the central square of Litochoro and drive to Prionia at an altitude of 1100 meters, from where we will start our excursion.

We will walk along the stream of Enipeas, in a gorgeous forest landscape, and sometimes cross it using the picturesque wooden bridges. We will meet the imposing waterfall of Enipeas with its beautiful natural pool and then continue our walk in the black pine forest.

Later we will reach the monastery of St. Dionysios,  "hidden" in the dense pine forest. After a little more walking we will reach the cave of St. Dionysios, the place where the saint lived as a hermit.

We will finish our tour at Myli, near Litochoro.


All of the above activities are specially designed by the Greek Adventure operations department and cater to all types of excursions: whether it's the first time you do rafting, zip line or organized hiking, or you are experienced in outdoor activities, you are sure to enjoy your trip with us! The biggest guarantee we have is the extensive experience of our guides who will help you enjoy your tour, whichever you choose!

Wait no longer, send us a message now and let us design and organize your next getaway!

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