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Karpenisi is another one of the "hidden beauties" of Greece. An ideal destination for solo travellers as well as families and groups.

We provide unique activity tours in Karpenisi like hiking, trekking and mountain bike, to help you explore this place of unique beauty!

Mystical locations, waterfalls, old paths and bridges... A true paradise for the lovers of exploration and nature waits for you at Karpenisi!

Mountain bike in Pindos mountains, Thessaly

The routes which can be enjoyed by bicycle in Greece are among the best in the world. Some are very demanding because of the hilly terrain, others are less strenuous, but nevertheless they are all beautiful!

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River Trekking "Panta Vrechi" Gorge

A hidden paradise for nature lovers. After we drive through the mountain, we end to the riverside of Krikelopotamos. We walk in the riverbanks and in the river's crystal clear waters until we arrive to the amazing waterfalls of Panta Vrechi.

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Trekking Via Ferrata at Karpenisi

A route inside the canyon using iron steps on the rock. On our way we will see a lot of waterfalls and a "mystical"  passage from inside a rock to the waterfall! At the end of our hike we will visit a local prosciutto factory.

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